Sunday, January 23, 2011

Start of Project 10 pan 2011

Only 23 days into the new year and I have already finished 2 products

1. Almay Dial Up Mascara
2. Blistex Deep Renewal

I went to open my backup of Almay Mascara and though about the 5 other mascaras that I have opened and only used once. So I am going to make myself use all those mascaras that are sitting in the bottom of my drawer waiting to die. I hate spending money on something that does not hold up to its end of the bargain and it is a huge disappointment and a waste of my money. Maybe I can get myself to love it for the next 3 months just long enough to finish it up.

What do you do with items that you are don't like and can't swap them because they can't be disinfected? Like your mascaras, lip gloss, liquid eyeliners. Do you throw them away, use them up or return them if you kept your receipt?

I always think about how I could have spent that money on a item that I love and know I will use but I love to try new items hoping to find my next holy grail.


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